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OOCSI was and is developed by researchers in the Future Everyday group of the Industrial Design department of the Eindhoven University of Technology. You can follow the development of OOCSI and its client library on GitHub:

  • OOCSI (main, Java server and client) GitHub
  • OOCSI for Processing (library) GitHub
  • OOCSI for Python (library) GitHub
  • OOCSI for MicroPython (library) GitHub
  • OOCSI for Arduino and ESP (library) GitHub
  • OOCSI for Javscript (library) GitHub
  • OOCSI for Node.js (library) GitHub
  • OOCSI for HomeAssistant (HA integration) GitHub
  • OOCSI server GitHub
  • OOCSI server (Docker container) GitHub

You can contact Mathias Funk for more information.

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