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Learning resources

As a design prototyping middleware, OOCSI is extremely useful in teaching design. Why? Because it is mature connectivity technology that is easy to setup and use. It comes with a full suite of client libraries – and it is fast.

Over the years, we have developed a course series that teaches OOCSI basics, intermediate and advanced topics. We have used this for years in higher education (at the Industrial Design department of TU/e), and we are happy to share this with you.

Resources for students

Video lectures

Our learning resources are available as video lectures filmed for hte TU/e ID Bachelor elective “technologies for Connectivity”. The contents are not course-specific, so feel free to dive in.

OOCSI basics OOCSI intermediate OOCSI advanced

Resources for teachers


We have run plenty of workshops with OOCSI over the years. Unless we needed to cover more in-depth topics, workshops can be done in 1-2 hours. At the end, participants have a fully working system that they can experiment with further. [more]

Teaching resources

You would like to teach OOCSI or run a learning activity with OOCSI? Yes! 🤗

There are multiple ways to do that:

  • offer an introduction into OOCSI and make use of the video lectures
  • assign a hands-on design case to be done with OOCSI, then let the students or participants go their own ways
  • pre-build your own course examples or infrastructure that makes use of OOCSI

Also this section is a work-in-progress, contact us if you have ideas.

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