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Videos about OOCSI

Hey, you found it all the way to the video central.

Please note that the video lectures are produced as education content for the course "Technologies for Connectivity" by Mathias Funk for the Industrial Design department at Eindhoven University of Technology. The videos are hosted on YouTube. If you agree to this, please click here.

OOCSI Basics

Basic concepts of the OOCSI middleware, clients and messages, sending and receiving data. Bonus hands-on exercise. OOCSI Basics (2 videos, ~24 mins duration)


We have built tools that help prototyping with OOCSI, find them here.

OOCSI Intermediate

Intermediate topics of the OOCSI middleware consist of sharing data, awareness mechanisms, message filtering and transformations, and synchronous communication. OOCSI Intermediate (4 videos, ~26 mins duration)

Data Canvas

OOCSI is great for working with a data canvas. Check out our videos here.

OOCSI Advanced

Advanced topics in the OOCSI middleware are about XXX OOCSI Advanced (1 video, ~26 mins duration)

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