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Advanced OOCSI topics

So, you went through the OOCSI basics and intermediate topics, right? Good, here comes the advanced stuff: designing systems with OOCSI.

Advanced topics for OOCSI

After you have heard about messages, variables, filtering and presence, let’s go into larger building blocks of designing systems. The first concept is a state machine, a way to capture the current state of a collection of clients: when the state changes, all clients need to be notified and change their behavior accordingly. Synchronization is the second building block, which allows to tightly synchronize a collection of clients to a shared clock or beat. Then there is coordination that helps in distributing roles in a system of products. The fourth block is discovery and it collects data from all clients on a channel and delivers an overview, e.g., about the temperature in a house. The last block, negotiation, is quite similar to the discovery component: it collects the data from all clients and then forms an decision which is sent back to all clients.

All good and clear? If you haven’t done that yet, check out the OOCSI tools or the Data Canvas sections.

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