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Although the OOCSI system was designed to be really easy and straight-forward in use (and education), we do see that people struggle here and there. If you find yourself struggling, please first check out the FAQs and then take a structured approach to helping yourself.

  • Is a concept of the OOCSI system unclear to you or did you find that something works quite different from what you thought? Then it might be good to revisit the videos about the OOCSI platform. They are short and should be intuitive.
  • Do you have a connectivity problem? Your client cannot connect or seems to be sending data, but the data cannot be received? In these cases, it is a good idea to carefully check the connectivity and data transmission path step-by-step: does the client connect to the Internet (via Wifi or Ethernet) and the OOCSI server? Does client properly send its data, does the server receive the data? Similar, on the receiving side: is the receiving client connected, and does it subscribe to the right channge (check spelling!), etc. In the past, 80% of all problems with OOCSI could be solved with this approach.
  • Do you have a communication problem, so the data is transmitted, but it ends up in a wrong way somehow? Check how you send and retrieve the data items from messages. This needs to be consistent with same spelling and data formats.
  • Do you think everything is alright on your side? Still does not work? Check out FAQs or try explaining the logic and communication flow to another person (not necessarily an expert). Just putting your problem into words can clarify things.
  • Do you think that some part of the OOCSI system (either server or client) has a bug or does not work as intended? That could be! Please file a bug report in the main OOCSI GitHub repository, or in one of the client repositories.
  • Of course you can also contact us. 🤓

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